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Feelworld F5 работает с Canon 7D MARKII

If you use a camera without a flip up screen like Canon 7D MARKII for shooting videos, then you need a FEELWORLD F5 external monitor. A light monitor about the same as a phone, it's just obviously a bit thicker than a thumb!

YouTube канал: @Dave McKeegan

Для того, FEELWORLD F5 for starters and the very first thing that you can noticed when you took it out of the box is just how much smaller and lighter.монитор для Sony A7There's a 12 volt DC connection on the side so you can power it from the adapter that comes with it. On the back there is also a small cutout for you to use external batteries likes the Sony npf 970 battery or the Canon LP E6 etc. It means that if you're out in the field for a long day shoot you can take more than one battery and if the first battery goes flat you can just keep going another.

monitor sony a7monitor sony a6000Six different tasks: image freeze, histogram, fault color, overexposure, embedded audio or a nine box grid as well so that's quite handy.monitor for the sony a7iiiHere is a 12-volt DC in and two HDMI ports which means you can run a HDMI signal from your camera into the monitor which displays 4k on the screen that you can see but you can then also run that same signal back out of the monitor and into an external recorder.монитор sonymonitor sony camerasIs this something that would be of interest to you? If yes, buy it now!

Click to buy:FEELWORLD F5


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